Why is speech testing considered as a part of ADHD assessment?

Speech testing is considered a part of ADHD assessment as most of the children with ADHD are at risk of articulation disorder, which affects their ability to produce sounds appropriate to their age.

While speaking they might also have differences in fluency and vocal quality. They might process language differently as well. There could be significant langauage delays as well.

Children with the above speech issues should be evaluated through speech testing and then initiate appropriate interventions.

Speech Therapy can help cure communication problems of children with ADD/ADHD. Speech Therapy focuses on improving both the language receptivity as well as the ability to improve language expression.

Speech Therapy can be easily learnt by family members and speech therapy sessions can be carried out at home by yourself.

Speech Therapy can be learnt by yourself through ebooks and online courses. Know how to learn speech therapy at the convenience of your home here

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