What to do, when a child is newly diagnosed with ADHD?

1. Focus on providing effective support for individuals living with ADHD.

2. Don’t consider medication as a panacea or a pariah. Shift the focus to an emphasis on comprehensive treatment plan and management.

3. Read and understand DSM manual for ADHD diagnosis thoroughly, and try to indentify any co-existing conditions.

4. Understand how ADHD feels like from the point of view of the child by doing online research.

5. Research on holistic therapies for managing ADHD symptoms effectively, explore the best options suitable for you and start using them by making an integrative ADHD treatment plan.

5. Claim insurance coverage for diagnosis.

6. Seek information and support about ADHD from credible resources like CHADD, Attention Talk Radio, and TotallyADD.

7. Seek training in non-judgmental strategies for managing inattention, impulsivity, emotional intensity and hyperactivity.

8. Refer credible resources like ADD Crusher and ADD Classes for adults managing themselves, and ImpactADHD for parents managing children.

9. Claim insurance coverage for parent training, which research has shown adds to the efficacy of medication.

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