What should be the parents priority while treating a child with ADHD?

Statistics shows that parents whose main concern is academic performance are choosing medication over other holistic options for the treatment of their children struggling with ADHD.

Parents who opt for medication should have a plan for the treatment of side-effects arising out of the medication. Headache, Upset stomach, Increased blood pressure, Decreased appetite, Weight loss, Nervousness,
Insomnia are the common side-effects of ADHD medication.

Instead of looking for a quick fix for their childs condition, it would be better to look and explore energy healing therapies like pranic healing and reiki which can yield better results in controlling ADHD symptoms effectively without any side-effects.

Energy healing techniques like pranic healing and reiki are self healing modalities which can be learnt with little effort either through a therapist or through online courses very easily. Energy healing techniques can be used for healing various health conditions very easily.

The other way of trying energy healing technique is to consult an energy healing therapist and get the healing done through the therapist for your child.

Energy healing techniques will throw a new light in the life of all the children suffering with learning disorders.

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