Steps to be followed by the parents to manage ADHD

A recent post from huffingpost emphasizes that “management” of ADHD is not separate from the treatment of ADHD.

Medication is not enough for ADHD. It’s not a panacea. It’s an incomplete solution, and it doesn’t even work for everyone. ADHD is a condition that requires conscious, relentless management.

In fact, when dealing with a chronic medical condition like ADHD, ongoing management is a critical component of a comprehensive treatment plan, though it’s importance is often under-recognized.

It throws light on the steps to be followed by the parents to manage ADHD effectively:

1. Parents should understand that ADHD is a condition to be actively managed for which they have to learn about ADHD management methods and update their knowledge on timely basis with the latest research in this area.

2. Parents can make an enormous difference in the outcomes for their children but it requires direct action and intervention.

3. Parents should educate themselves that medication alone is an incomplete solution.

4. Parents should approach independent support structures which can help them take a comprehensive approach to the chronic management of ADHD.

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