Reducing the dependency of Pharmaceutical Treatment for Pre-School ADHD

Emerging research suggests that many young children with moderate to severe attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) continue to have significant ADHD symptoms despite Pharmaceutical treatment.

Research has proven that children taking ADHD medication had just as severe symptoms as those who were medication-free and medication did not appear to make a difference in more than two-thirds of children as symptom severity scores did not differ significantly between children on medication and those off medication.

For more information about the statistics please browse the article about the ineffectiveness of Pharmaceutical Treatment of Pre-School ADHD.

After looking at the above statistics it would be a better option for families struggling with ADHD to reduce the dependecy on medication and start looking at alternative treatment options which could provide better results without any side effects. The best alternative treatment for adhd would be energy healing techniques like pranic healing and reiki which the family members can learn pretty fastly and start healing their children without anyside effects.

We at fettlegenie provide the list of highly effective wholistic treatments used in the treatment of adhd in children without any side effects. Some of the energy healing treatments for adhd can even mprove the side effects caused by prolonged use the medication on children.

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