Medicine for ADHD Becomes Less Effective

In November, the FDA announced it was concerned about whether 2 approved generic versions of the drug Concerta were equivalent to the brand-name drug.

The agency has now given the manufacturers of the generics 6 months to prove their products are just as effective, or voluntarily take them off the market.

Dr. Andrew Adesman, who developed “ADHD Medication Guide” says, the agency is doing the right thing. He says, “two of these generics, so to speak, were not exactly providing the same rate and extent of absorption of medicine that Concerta had.”

The FDA says the two generics in question have no serious safety issues and can still be prescribed, but they are no longer recommended as an automatic substitute for Concerta.

Patients with questions about who manufactures their medication should contact the pharmacy where the prescription was filled.

Concerta is the long-acting form of Ritalin.

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