Is ADHD a manufactured epidemic?

A recent article about ADHD speaks about the standard for diagnosing ADHD and the dangerous effects of ADHD overdiagnosis.

Often undertrained primary care physicians and worried parents default much to the diagnosis of ADHD and to the answer of a prescription.

The drug companies with $9 billion-a-year business from ADHD dignosis alone is targeting parents with alluring ads suggesting their children will become little angels through the wonders of risk-free stimulants.

The drug companies further show promising evidence that kids will get better grades, spend more quality time with the family, remember to take out the trash and shower everyone around them with good cheer.

Who wouldn’t want their child thus magically transformed? According to the Times report, the Food and Drug Administration has constantly rebuked the companies for going beyond the evidence in selling visions of childhood Valhalla secured through the right drug.

Its time for parents to understand the side-effects arising out of ADHD prescribed medications and take appropriate measures accordingly.

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