Increase the Accuracy of ADHD Diagnosis through 3D Brain Scans

3D brain scans, a new technique can help physicians diagnose ADHD by taking a close-up picture of the brain.

The research found that 3D SPECT (single-photon emission computed tomography) imaging made it easier to achieve a definite ADHD diagnosis as they gave a sensitivity of 83% to predict ADHD diagnosis. The researchers determined this was because 3D renderings more visibly portrayed blood flow and activity levels in the brain, while requiring less skill from physicians to read and understand what they see. Additionally, the clarity of the images showed a stronger signal toward the patterns associated with ADHD.

Some clinicians use additional diagnostic tests—2D SPECT and quantitative electroencephalography (qEEG)—when they have trouble arriving at a definitive ADHD diagnosis from behavioral evaluations. Yet, the majority of ADHD experts found that these tools weren’t widely useful. The advances in 3D technology have made researchers hopeful that the clearer, more detailed picture of the brain will lead to more accurate, more certain diagnosis of this complex disorder.

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