How to neutralize the negative effects of traffic related pollution on children?

According to a research
Early-life exposure to traffic-related air pollution was significantly associated with higher hyperactivity scores at age 7

The studies show that there is a potential effect of traffic-related air pollution on the developing brain especially during the early stages of life.

Scientists believe that early life exposures to a variety of toxic substances are important in the development of problems later in life.

Reaseach showed that children who were exposed to the highest amount of traffic related air pollution during the first year of life were more likely to have hyperactivity scores in the “at risk” range when they were 7 years old. The “at risk” range for hyperactivity in children means that they need to be monitored carefully because they are at risk for developing clinically important symptoms.

Traffic-related air pollution is one of many factors associated with changes in neurodevelopment, but its effects can be potentially prevented by performing agnihotra at home daily which could neutralize the negative effects of the traffic related pollution by healing the atmosphere at home and creating a healthy atmosphere required for proper neurological development of the child.

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