How to decrease the dependence of ADHD medication on children and adults?

Becoming aware of ADHD and able to treat it effectively through stimulant medications could be the best possible option during the intial diagnosis for a child or adult struggling with severe ADHD symptoms.

We should educate ourself about the long term side effects of stimulant medication and the possible usage of holistic therapies for controlling ADHD symptoms effectively without any side-effects.

Bringing Awareness of different holistic therapies like energy healing, nutrition therapy, traditional chinese medicine and mind body therapies is the need of the hour for all the families struggling with neurological disorders as as to reduce the dependence of stimulant medications.

Before exploring any of the holistic therapies one should have a proper
understanding of how these therapies work in comparision with the conventional medicine.

While conventional medication targets to treat the symptoms of ADHD, holistic therapies target to work on the root cause of the symptoms.

Conventional medication work only on the physical level whereas holistic therapies work on the subtle levels so as to eliminate the root cause completely.

Conventional medication works pretty faster as its target is physical layer of our body whereas holistic therapies work gradually by understanding and targetting the root cause of the problem.

Conventional medicine has side effects where as holistic therapies are safer without any side effects.

After understanding the advantages of holistic therapies your next step would be to explore the various holistic therapies for treating adhd at Fettle Genie.

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