How does Neuro Linguistic Programming help in the treatment of ADHD?

Neuro Linguistic Programming can help with ADHD/ADD by helping the adult or child learn how to re-learn their behaviours. NLP looks at ADHD/ADD to be a teaching difficulty instead of learning difficulty, because when you view a child’s behaviours as learned rather than built in, you can also view changing those behaviours by teaching new ones.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming offers amazing tools for children to take charge of their ‘brains’ and hence their actions. NLP techniques can change the perspectives that created current results in our life so that the memories and thoughts work better for us and allow us to achieve what we want in life. NLP uses a series of instructions to guide ADHD/ADD children and adults through transformational exercises to see, hear and feel your own past in a new and empowering way.

NLP helps both the children with learning disorders and their parents. Through NLP approach the parents start looking at the disorder not as a learning difficulty, but as a teaching difficulty.

By doing this parents can teach new behaviours and erase the old ones. Everyone has something that they are able to concentrate on with all of their attention, and finding this really helps. Once we know what it is, we can transfer that skill of concentration to other tasks. NLP deals with the conscious mind, and teaches skills and behaviours on a conscious level.

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