Do you know the 4 Things which Cause Overwhelm in ADHD with Adults? What can you do about them?

When you have ADHD, many things can cause you to feel overwhelmed.

As the symptoms of ADHD affect the ability to be organized and efficient one can follow certain things to help reduce the stress. Getting enough sleep, eating nutrient-rich foods and exercising are the three basic self-care practices one should follow.

Below are four specific reasons you might be overwhelmed, along with practical tips to try.

* You have tons of thoughts – taking several deep breaths and repeating the phrase “I am OK” until your anxiety subsides.

* You’re bombarded by stimuli – Have earplugs on hand for noisy situations and tinted glasses for glaring lights.“If someone is burning incense or a candle and you don’t like the smell, speak up and assert yourself.” If your work environment is too noisy, try working in a conference room. Or, if possible, adjust your hours.

* You’re surrounded by clutter – clearing clutter by spending just 15 minute.

* You can’t find anything – You can boost your memory by employing additional senses. Whenever you’re putting down an object, stop just long enough to watch what you’re doing and say out loud where you’re leaving it.

ADHD comes with many challenges, which affect you day to day, and trigger overwhelm. Thankfully, there’s a slew of strategies that lessen overwhelm and help you effectively manage ADHD.

Taken from psychcentral

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