Superbrain yoga for ADHD

Do you know that Superbrain yoga is very helpful for ADHD?

Superbrain Yoga a simple and effective technique to energize and recharge the brain is based on the principles of subtle energy and ear acupuncture.

Studies on the effects of Superbrain Yoga on school children with disabilities such as ADHD/ADD, developmental and cognitive delays, Down syndrome and specific learning disabilities showed significant increase in academic and behavioral performance, greater class participation and improved social skills.

In one study, the result of an electroencephalograph showed increased amplitude in the parieto-occipital region of the brain following the Superbrain Yoga.

This indicates increased brain electrical activity following the exercise.

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What is the cause of ADHD according to GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui founder of modern Pranic Healing and how to overcome it?

GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui explained the energetic cause of ADHD, was that too much energy was tucked down in the lower energy centers of the body, and not enough was flowing up to the brain.

He said Superbrain Yoga® would cause the sexual energy to flow up and energize the brain. The effect would also energize the higher centers, so that
thinking and focusing would be much easier. Superbrain Yoga® also has a calming effect.

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Increasing Memory With Superbrain Yoga

The technique of Superbrain yoga has been effective in improving cognitive functioning and increasing memory in some individuals.

Created by spiritual teacher and chemical engineer, Choa Kok Sui, superbrain yoga incorporates breathing techniques and specific acupressure points, which he believes stimulates cognitive functioning in the brain.

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Testimonials by teachers about the usage of SuperBrain Yoga for Learning Disabled Children

Many testimonials are made by the teachers, therapists, and parents using this SuperBrain yoga exercise for learning disabled children and the overall observations include:

* Improved emotional states
* Improved focus and attention
* Improved social skills
* Sensory regulation and modulation and improved memory

Using the Developmental Test of Visual Perception-2, the study has shown that the children completing the exercise on a regular basis show dramatic improvement in areas combining vision, perception and motor output.

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