Do you know that many adults suffer from ADHD without realizing it?

ADHD doesn’t just affect kids. Adults may be suffering from it too, without realizing it.

Clinical psychologist says that warning signs include lack of focus, difficulty completing tasks, organizing and planning, as well as a low frustration tolerance level and interrupting others in conversation.

The main problem faced by these people is “Difficulty with what we call self-monitoring, it is basically reciting without thinking”. Often times people will regret actions because they do it so quickly.

Especially if they’ve been undiagnosed low self-esteem is paramount for people with ADHD.

Once they get the diagnoses, they can stop blaming themselves for their shortcomings.

Just like ADHD can affect a child’s performance in school, it can also impact an adult’s performance at work. Adults with unmanaged ADHD also have less job satisfaction and fewer occupational achievements.

If you have symptoms, you should get evaluated by a medical professional.

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