Do you know that Grandma’s Prenatal Smoking Factor into Your Child’s ADHD?

A new study suggests that prenatal exposure to nicotine could influence attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in children born as long as a generation later.

Florida State University College of Medicine researchers found evidence that ADHD associated with nicotine can be passed across generations.

Thus, your child’s ADHD might be an environmentally induced health condition inherited from your grandmother, who may have smoked cigarettes during pregnancy a long time ago.

If the theory holds, the fact that you never smoked may be irrelevant for your child’s ADHD.

The research says that some of the changes in the genome, whether induced by drugs or by experience may be permanent and will be transmitted to the offspring.

Further their data demonstrated that there is a trans-generational transmission via the maternal, but not the paternal, line of descent.

According to the study genes are constantly changing. Some are silenced and others are expressed, and that happens not only by hereditary mechanisms, but because of something in the environment or because of what we eat or what we see or what we hear.

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