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Link between ADHD and vision impairment in children

Attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder is one of the most frequently encountered neurodevelopmental disorders of childhood, and a new study from researchers at the University of Alabama at Birmingham recently published in Optometry and Vision Science shows a relationship between ADHD and … Continue reading

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Mudra Therapy for Weight Loss

Mudra Therapy is beneficial for ADHD patients. Mudra is performed with hands and fingers to seals and direct energy through the body. Mudras are best when combined with yoga or meditation but can be practiced along with day to day … Continue reading

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What to do when you suspect an ADHD diagnosis for your child?

* Get informed. For more trusted information online, try the American Academy of Pediatrics’s site (, the national advocacy group CHADD (, and Mount Sinai Parenting Center ( * Touch base with the teacher. “Parents often worry that their … Continue reading

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Can tae kwon do be used as an ADHD therapy?

15-year-old from Canton has a fierce kick, and is training for a black belt in the martial art of tae kwon do. She said that tae kwon do practice – alleviates the symptoms of her attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder – helps her … Continue reading

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Learn alternative therapies through starting today……. brings a new section “Learn Alternative Therapy” on its home page to teach alternative therapies starting today. As a part of “Learn Alternative Therapy” section fettlegenie tends to bring free books on a particular therapy for the advantage of … Continue reading

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How to increase global awareness of alternative therapies and tools for managing ADHD symptoms effectively?

According to a recent Centers for Disease Control and Prevention study, diagnosis of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder are on the rise. About 2 million children were diagnosed with ADHD during an eight year period ending in 2012. As ADHD diagnosis is increasing … Continue reading

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How to neutralize the negative effects of traffic related pollution on children?

According to a research Early-life exposure to traffic-related air pollution was significantly associated with higher hyperactivity scores at age 7. The studies show that there is a potential effect of traffic-related air pollution on the developing brain especially during the … Continue reading

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Chelation Therapy for removing toxic metals from the body of autistic children

Research shows higher levels of toxic metals in blood, urine of children with autism.The findings showed that those in the autism group had much higher levels of lead in their red blood cells and significantly higher urinary levels of lead, … Continue reading

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Dead Sea Salt Therapy in the treatment of Vitiligo

Dead Sea Salt Therapy is a complementary therapy for treating Vitiligo. Dead Sea therapy is the process of exposing the patient to the Dead sea water over a period of time for detoxify and cleansing the body. High concentration of … Continue reading

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Color Therapy for physical, emotional, spiritual, mental Wellness

Color Therapy or colorology or cromatherapy, is an effective complementary medical practice which dates back thousands of years. Color Therapy is the process of balancing physical, emotional, spiritual, or mental levels of people through the use light in the form … Continue reading

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