Can we tie increase in ADHD to the Decrease in Physical Activity?

Do you know that the reduction in physical activity, is a trend that has run in lock-step with the rise of ADHD.

Kids have lots of energy and are losing opportunities to expel it naturally. According to the CDC, less than 30 percent of adolescents meet the guidelines for daily physical activity. The reasons for this are many, ranging from neighborhood safety (i.e., crime and vehicular traffic), to urban density (and subsequent reductions in green space), to the cannibalization of what was once active time with screen-based entertainment.

When taken together, the vast majority of youth are not moving much at all. Perhaps all of this bottled up energy is being manifested as unnatural hyperactivity, when the most unnatural part of the situation is the sedentary behavior of kids.

Check whether physical activity might work just as well if not better than strong drugs in countering the symptoms of ADHD of your child.

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