Can Tai Chi and Computer Games Treat Your ADHD?

If you or your loved one has ADHD, can you ditch your medicine in exchange for mindfulness or memory training?

For several years, researchers have been exploring alternate ways to treat ADHD, such as through mindfulness and memory training.

Recently, scholars have suggested that mindfulness, which includes paying attention to your thoughts, actions and emotions, may be beneficial to individuals affected with ADHD symptoms. Others have suggested that by increasing memory training, to improve the processing or retention of information, individuals will experience reductions in symptoms. But can these novel alternatives to medicine really help improve ADHD?

Tai Chi was found to improve attention among young adults (Converse, Ahlers, Travers, & Davidson, 2014). Other studies have suggested that in addition to improving attention among adults with ADHD, mindfulness can also improve quality of life and executive control (Hepark, Kan, & Speckens, 2014) and impulsivity (Schoenberg, Hepark, Kan, Barendregt, Buitelaar, & Speckens, 2014).

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