Can Graves disease mimic ADHD symptoms?

A teen’s behavior during the changes in adolescence like weight change, trouble focusing, dropping grades might sometimes lead to an ADHD diagnosis.

But these symptoms could also indicate Graves disease.

Graves disease, a condition where the thyroid works overtime, can easily be overlooked in kids and teens which can mimic ADHD symptoms. Grave’s disease is caused by an overabundance of thyroid hormone.

What are the symptoms of Graves disease?

Weight loss, elevated heart rate and skin that is moist to the touch are symptoms of Graves’ disease.

Who is mostly affected by Graves disease?

While most think of Graves ‘ disease as an adult condition, one in 10,000 kids will be diagnosed or about 8,500 cases every year.

How to check for Graves disease?

Check a child’s thyroid by having them look up at the ceiling. An enlarged thyroid will be obvious just above the collarbone, which indicates a possible abnormality in thyroid.

What are the treatments available for Graves disease?

Patients can take medication to help block the hormone production. Other options include radioactive iodine or surgery for the removal of thyroid gland.

What are the co-existing disorders associated with Graves disease?

Patients with these symptoms can also be suffering from Hashimoto’s, which causes the thyroid to continuously cycle up and down. More common than either of those disorders, however, is underactive thyroid, where the gland produces too little hormone. In both of those cases, treatment involves synthetic hormones.

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