“ADHD doesn’t exist and drugs do more harm than good…” says a doctor

Doctor claims symptoms can have routine causes that are ignored due to knee-jerk diagnosis. After 50 years in practice Dr Saul says there is no such thing as ADHD. Improving your diet, exercising and sleeping more can alleviate symptoms.

To treat ADHD as a condition, rather than a set of symptoms, is doing a terrible, and dangerous, disservice to the children and adults who are diagnosed with it. There is no doubt that the symptoms – an inability to pay attention to details, fidgeting, interrupting, difficulty staying seated, impulsive behaviour – exist.

He lists down some of the causes for ADHD symptoms:

* Hearing problems

* Iron deficiency (anaemia) causes physical fatigue, poor attention and concentration, and memory problems.

* Sight problems.

* Sleeping problems as adults need a minimum of seven hours a night, and schoolchildren ten to 11 hours.

According to him, we must learn not to overreact. In many cases medication is unnecessary. Children mature at different rates: just because a six-year-old has not yet learned to sit still for hours in class, it does not mean that he or she has ADHD. Giving such children stimulants is wrong and harmful.

Many people who are convinced they have ADHD or some other condition are simply dealing with a normal level of stress in a faster-paced world. Adjusting your lifestyle – improving your diet, exercising more, sleeping more – can alleviate many symptoms such as irritability or distracted, impulsive behaviour.

We need to rethink what really produces these symptoms. We must discard the decades-old diagnosis of ADHD that doctors, pharmaceutical companies, the media and even patients themselves still cling to.
The heartbreak, health risks and even deaths that this false diagnosis has caused around the world must stop. Only then can people be treated effectively for the very real conditions they are suffering, rather than being failed and neglected by the dangerous myth of ADHD

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