A Non-Addictive Drug for the treatment of ADHD is on its way..

A potentially new medication to treat ADHD which is effective, non-abusable, and does not have some of the side-effects that the stimulants have is on its way.

This new drug is said to treat ADHD without the addictive side effects.

40 percent of ADHD cases aren’t treated mainly because of concerns of medication side-effects. Untreated ADHD in a child potential is an adult with ADHD. There are a lot of statistics that show that the quality of life is, for an adult, an issue; employment, personal life, social life, workplace, they’re all effected.

The reality of this drug can help people, especially help the young kids having ADHD. Further the researchers say the drug has not yet been tested on humans. They say it will take several years before the drug hits the market.

Know more about this new drug here

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